homosexuality | what does the BIBLE say about it?

Okay, so, I know that most of you looked at ^that^ title and went, “say what now what now?!!? Why on earth is Anika talking about that?”

Yeah, I know. This is a sensitive topic for the world. But, with Beauty and the Beast having come out a little while ago, and after reading Mary’s absolutely amazingly awesome post, I felt like I needed to say something about this topic, too.

Homosexuality. Wow. Big word, big meaning. So...some people say it’s bad, and some people say it’s good. But, what really truly matters is: what does the Bible say about it? Or, in other words, what does God say about it? Well, here’s a Bible verse for you to look at:

Romans 1: 26-27
"Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones; in the same way, men committed shameful acts with other men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error."

You can actually find quite a few verses in the Bible talking about homosexuality or mentioning it. In this first verse that you saw above, you’ll see that God describes homosexuality as unnatural. God doesn’t make people homosexual. People choose to be homosexual. It’s not a natural thing for human beings. If God had wanted people to be homosexual, why didn’t he just create two Adams or two Eves? Exactly.

1st Corinthians 6:9-11
“Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

See that big, bold text up there? It’s on the list of things that people do that will keep them from God. So...God does say that homosexuality is wrong. He does say that it is a sin and it keeps us from him. Here’s one more verse where God talks about homosexuality…

Leviticus 18:22

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

Soo...God literally calls homosexuality an abomination. Wow. Strong word, strong meaning. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.

I personally was very shocked and surprised when I found out that they made LeFou gay in Beauty and the Beast. My little sister, mom, and I had been planning on going to the theater to see the movie earlier, but when I found out, I knew my mom would change her mind (and, she did).

Some people think that it is OK to put stuff like that in a children’s movie - like kids need to learn what the world is today. Yes, we all need to know and understand what kind of nation we have become, but there is absolutely no need to put a gay character in a children’s movie. I think that part of the reason they added a gay character is because the director is openly gay, and so are a few of the actors playing some characters in the movie. I think that the director wanted to show a little bit of his world through the movie, he wanted to make a statement, and he wanted to make Beauty and the Beast a movie that will never be forgotten (yeah, it’ll never be forgotten, all right).

Of course, I don’t know all that stuff. I don’t know that he wanted to make a statement, but that is what I believe.

Overall, I believe, and the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong. But, I know that, even though some people believe that homosexuality is OK, we as Christians should certainly not put them down because of their beliefs. But, we SHOULD try to show them the right way instead of the wrong way.

And, if you’re reading this post and you support homosexuality/are homosexual, I mean no offense to you. I do not want to put you down, or make you feel bad, or rejected. I want you to maybe think about what I’ve said - and if you’re a Christian, think about what the Bible has said. That’s all.
Do you think this was a weird post? I don’t really, cause this is a serious topic. Did you enjoy reading this? Do you agree with me? Do you not agree with me? Why or why not?


  1. Oh dear. Well, I'm not Christian, and I have very different beliefs concerning homosexuality, so I'll just say that I think that homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, or that it's something wrong. It all comes down to love, and for me, you really shouldn't condemn a group of people for loving who they do. (And I do disagree that people CHOOSE to be homosexual--but I don't want to get into a debate so I'll just leave it there.)

    So, um, yeah. I know a lot of bloggers are Christian and therefore don't agree with homosexuality. I know that it's because of your religion and what you believe, but I just can't see your point of view. (And aren't there Christians who are completely fine with homosexuality?)

    Agh, I've said too much on this already. I'm sorry, this is just a topic I'm really passionate about.

    1. That's sad. I really hope that someday you will be one because you are a very dear friend <3. I do not believe it is something to be ashamed of, either, but I do believe that it is right.

      I know that some people are just born with a homosexual urge - but they still don't need to do it. I know it can be hard to do the opposite of what you feel, but you can at least try.

      Yes, a lot of bloggers. are Christian. My religion does believe that homosexuality is wrong, but, even if I wasn't a Christian and was an atheist, I still would not believe in homosexuality. I know, it is hard for some people to see my point of view. (Yes, SOME Christians are OK with homosexuality, but most aren't. REAL Christians believe that the Bible is true - and believing that homosexuality is OK saying that the Bible isn't true - which is not Christianity at all).

      It's fine. I'm really passionate about this stuff, too.

      To be honest, I was really shocked that you weren't a Christian. I was so used to having all my blogging buddies believe what I believe. I know that God loves you SO much, and I love you, too. I hope that someday, somehow, you may be my Sister in Christ. I don't know if it is God's plan for you to be Christian, but I really, really hope it is, because I love you so much and want you to know the one Person who will love you no matter what. <3 <3

    2. I find it incredibly offensive that you insinuate the idea that LGBTQIA+ members can't be Christians also.

    3. Well, then I guess you find God and the truth offensive.

    4. @May If we shouldn't condemn homosexuals for loving someone the way they do, why should we put child-molesters in jail? I mean, they're both sexual preferences, aren't they? I'm simply stating that people always argue that Christians are 'biased' because we don't agree that same-sex marriage should be legal, when people ALSO say that a man who prefers CHILDREN should go to jail. That makes people biased. So, as much as people can say, "Oh, Christians are biased for saying that same-sex marriage isn't right", anyone can ALWAYS go back and say that those who want to put a child-molester in jail are biased, too. they're going to jail because they molested a child. Obviously, their prefered sexuality is CHILDREN. And you (not YOU personally, but people in general) are biased for wanting them in jail. Homosexuality and Hebephilia are both sexual preferences, except one is punishable and the other is not. THAT'S ALSO biased.

      I don't mean to be rude AT ALL, so please don't think I am. I'm just trying to say something. ;)

      Allie Taylor

    5. (Also, I'm not saying that hebephilia is right AT ALL. It is so so so so so messed up. I'm just using it as... whatever the word is.)

      Allie Taylor

  2. I'm so glad to find another person who believes like I do! Let's #staytrue to the word ;D

    1. That's great!! I'm glad you do. Totally *fistbump*, let's #staytrue to God. ;D

  3. I'm so glad someone else shares my beliefs on this. My mom says that Disney is planning it out so that homosexual characters become normal in movies. And when people say God doesn't say anything about being gay... look a bit harder.

    1. Me too. :) Yeah, I might stop watching Disney altogether. :(
      You're absolutely right! It's like "ya know, you might actually find something that God says about homosexuality if you actually read your Bible". ;)

  4. Ok, well you've probably seen me commenting on Mary's blog haha, but I still feel the need to make my opinion heard.

    I am Christian. But I am also bisexual. I don't care what the Bible says; it was written over 1,000 years ago. I believe that my Lord, my Creator, who made me bisexual, and gave me the gift of loving girls and boys, has developed and evolved as a person as a person. We all do; why do we exempt the lord from this? The Bible is an amazing book that has changed my life forever. But I get so sad at the idea that my sexuality is not valid because of what it says.

    My own religion, the religion that I love so much, tells me that I'm not ok, that I don't deserve to live my life how I choose, that I'm gross and disgusting and shouldn't be represented in TV and movies. It hurts, y'know? It hurts really damn hard that a community that is supposed to 'Love thy neighbour' treats me like I'm an abomination because of my sexuality.

    About the Disney introduction of homosexuality - I think it is an important and necessary things. It can help younger children realise their own sexuality. No child is going to 'become' gay because they see LGBT+ couples in tv; if that was true, I'd very much be straight now. If I had had happy, gay couples as a younger child, it would've stopped me from doing a lot of harm to myself, and pressuring myself into pretending I was heterosexual. Representation matters a lot to me. And if it gets your panties in a bunch because LeFou danced for approximately 3.5 seconds with another man, maybe you should reconsider your Christian values.

    I respect and acknowledge your opinion - everyone is different! And that's what makes the world beautiful!

    But maybe you should try and see the world from a different perspective as well.

    1. Hi Marissa, I don't blog here, but I just wanted to say something...

      You said that it hurts that the Bible says that your, as you put it, 'disgusting'' and 'gross'.... and that you don't deserve to live your life the way you want. But the Bible DOES SAY says that we're all sinners. It says that we're all dirty and filthy with shame. And, ehem, isn't that where CHRIST comes in? In that case, you seem to understand that it says we're all sinners... but you also say your Christian. So, that's why ANYONE IS A CHRISTIAN! It's because we realize that we've sinned, and that we're pretty much doomed for hell... but BECAUSE CHRIST CAME, THESE STUPID SINS ARE GGGGGOOOOONNNNNEEEE! I mean, sure, we'll always keep sinning. It's human nature. But if we call out to Christ as say 'we believe that you died on the cross,' those sins are gone and washed forever.
      And darling, if you don't believe what the Bible says because it was written over 1k years ago, your not a Christian. If you can't trust half of it, consider the rest junk. Including the part where, ehem, JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS AND WASHED AWAY YOUR SINS. If you don't believe THAT, your certainly not saved...

      Sorry to overstay my visit. Thanks for this amazing and accurate post, Anika.

      Allie Taylor / thedepthofmyfaith7.blogspot.com

    2. Hi, Ally!

      First off, I really don't appreciate how rude and inconsiderate your comment was. I welcome discussion and conversation, but not in a way that is mean and borderline bullying.

      I don't believe it's sinning for me to love girls. Sure the bible may say differently, but as I said, I believe my lord has matured and developed over time. You might disagree with it, and I completely respect that! However, that does not EVER give you the right to say that I'm 'not a Christian' because of that. You do not get to judge my values.

      I'm honestly just in shock at your comment, really. It was gross and unnecessary. To judge how someone lives the Christian values is not Christian at all.

    3. Hey Marissa.

      I'm glad you were brave enough to come out and say that you were bisexual and that its not wrong. I believe that. Being gay or bi or lesbian doesn't make anyone any less holy or father or closer to God. God loves each and every one of us the same. The Bible says God knows everything. It is also interpreted that he gave Adam and Eve choice. If God gave us choice and knows all, then he must have known some people would love the same gender. I don't see how that's so wrong. I'm not Bi or gay/lesbian myself but I believe that it is not a bad thing nor a sin to love your own gender. Love is love and God loves all his children. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Etc. Those of all races and religions and sexualities he created in his image and loves. Everyone is a sinner, and Jesus, as Ally pointed out, died on the cross to wash away all of our sins. Even if being lesbian or gay is a sin I will still believe it isn't wrong. We are all allowed in the kingdom of heaven when we accept Jesus as our savior and let God in our hearts. Everything in the Old Testament was preparing for Jesus, and a lot of rituals and acts were just to satisfy God until his son came to take our sins and wash them away. Is homosexuality one of these things? I don't know but I still believe it's okay to be homosexual.

      I'm sorry if I offend anyone reading. This is my opinion. All of yours matter too. I just wanted to express my opinion on this post.

      I also believe Anika, that you are very brave as well to post about this in your blog. Even if it is a sensitive topic you still posted about it and that takes something.

      Live long and prosper, ~ShuffleCat

    4. Hi, Marissa! Yes, I did see your comment on Mary's blog. :)

      I don't agree with you on that comment: "I don't care what the Bible says". By saying that, you are going against what God says. And, I'm sorry, but you need to care about what God says. Isn't that what Christianity is about; listening to what God says and believing in it?

      I am not really sure what to think. I believe that God made you bisexual, but I also don't believe that he meant for you to have the same relationship that you have with a guy with a girl. It kind of confuses me, too, but I believe what the Bible (God) says. Who am I to question the very words of the almighty Creator of the universe itself?

      Your religion tells you that you sin. But doesn't everyone? Everyone in the world is a sinner. And, do any of us Christians get to live our lives how we choose? God has the reigns, here. He leads our lives because He has a plan for them, and who are we to go against that? Isn't that what Christianity is; letting God lead our lives?

      I do not believe that you are gross are disgusting - you are a beautiful human being that God created. Please, don't put yourself down because of the truth. I completely understand how you feel. But, like I said at the end of the post, I do not want to make you feel like that. I want to shine some light and truth on the situation that affects our world so harshly.

      And, Marissa, please don't say that. YOU are not the problem here - sin is. Satan is. YOU are not an abomination - SIN is an abomination. SATAN is an abomination. I do love you so, so much. You are my Sister in Christ, and I do not believe that you are an abomination in any way. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't love you, correct? You don't agree with me, but I am sure that you still love me, because of what Jesus said: "Love them as I have loved you," (or something like that).

      I do not think it is important or necessary, but I completely respect your opinion. This post was less about Disney's production and more about homosexuality/bisexuality in general, so I'm not very concerned about that anymore.

      I respect and acknowledge your opinion as well - everyone IS different. But, I know that I will never be able to see from your perspective, and the same for you, because I am not bisexual, and you are.

      I can see that you have a problem with you being bisexual and God saying not to be, so I have something for you to think about:

      God says that you should not be in a relationship with the same sex. But, you are bisexual, so how does that work? First off, you can still like the same sex as yourself. You can think "oh, that girl's cute" or whatever, but you shouldn't be in a sexual relationship with the same sex. It's OK to have that urge or push, but you should never have sex with the same gender.

      I don't believe that you cannot believe the Bible and still be a true Christian. See, now a'days, people like to pick through the Bible and say, "Oh, I wouldn't mind obeying that verse but THAT one...I don't like it so much. I'll just obey the parts of the Bible I like, because that's still obeying the Bible, right?"


      Not right.

      Not right at all.

      Please, see the world from my perspective, too. This isn't just a one sided conversation. Right?

      I do not agree with you, but it does't matter. I may or may not be able to change what you believe, but I am sure that if it is God's will, he will show us both what is really true. Please remember that this is what we BELIEVE. We don't know all this stuff. All we have is faith - I firmly believe that what I am saying is right, and so do you. I know that one of us is not right, and my answer (obviously) is you. And, I am sure that your answer is me.

    5. Also, everything that Allie said is true, whether you fail to see it or not. Like my pastor said, "you can believe that what you say is true, but it's still not".

    6. @Marissa how was what I said offensive?! It's the truth, and if you believe that God has changed with time, how do you know that he hasn't changed his mind on other stuff? If you believe that his rules can change and he can, too, than you don't know for sure that you or I are actually going to be in heaven. And what I said was accurate, and I've got the the Bible to back it all up. If you don't agree with the Bible and what it says, than you don't BELIEVE THE BIBLE. And if you don't believe the Bible, how do you actually know that Jesus Christ died for your sins? That's in the Bible, too, you know. If your not sure that you believe tha Jesus Christ died on the cross because it's in the Bible that you seem to doubt, i don't know if that ACTUALLY counts as CHRISTIAN. Food for thought, darlin.

      And thanks, Ani! Keep speaking, girl.

      Allie Taylor

    7. I'm not going to participate in the discussion anymore as it's clear that you don't understand my opinion. Where did I say that I don't believe in the bible, Allie? I said that some parts I don't believe in because of my personal opinion. And it's not what you're saying that's offending me, it's HOW you're saying it, in a very rude manner. And you say that even if you were atheist you wouldn't agree with SSM Anika, but where in your argument do you say anything other than quoting the bible?

    8. You both act like you're eleven. Please grow up and try to listen to an opinion other than your own for once.

    9. So WHAT if I'm quoting the Bible? I still don't think it's natural. Being Christian isn't my only reason for thinking it's wrong. I DO have a mind.

    10. Ha ha, Marissa. We're 12. And, why don't you try doing the same? It'd be a change for both of us.

    11. Um, well this is going to be a little awkward (hopefully not?) but I'd actually like to issue an apology to the both of you.

      I realise that whilst I have a very, very different to the both of you - which is ok! - I haven't actually been going about expressing it in the nicest of ways. Suffice to say, I probably need to take my own advice. :P. Note to self: don't write comments when you're extremely grumpy and angry. It will make them a bit harsh.

      You guys did put up some excellent arguments, and I completely support having your own opinions!While I may not agree with them, I am in awe of how well thought out and content some of your points were, Anika.

      But yeah. Hopefully we can leave it at this :) I wish you both the absolute best on your journey with the lord - he's got some amazing things planned for you two! Have a blessed day.

      Marissa xx

    12. You're fine, Marissa. I wasn't trying to be rude. I'm sorry I was being rude, I really wasn't trying to. Thank you for your apology, but you're completely fine! You didn't need to, but that's quite kind. I am quite thankful that you are so kind... <3


    13. Thanks for apologizing, Marissa. To be truthful, I wasn't being the nicest, either. I'm sorry. :)


  5. I applaud you for tackling such a tough subject on your blog, Anika! You did a good job with this post, and I agree with you 100%. You shared your opinion as well as what God's Word says about it, which is the best approach to take. :)
    If people question your "personal beliefs", that's one thing, but questioning God's Word is quite another!
    Thank you for posting this!

  6. Anika, can I just say, I love that you wrote this! I love that you tackled something so controversial and did it on the grounds of what Scripture says. I'm so glad that you're using your blog to be a testimony to God's Word and work. Keep on, and may He be glorified!

    1. Thank you, Jordy! I'm glad that I am too. God bless! :D <3

  7. kudos to you for posting something this controversial on your blog! while i do not agree with your opinions, i respect your decision posting on them.

    i do not believe homosexuality is wrong. although i am not a christian, which might be one of the reasons we disagree, i think that love is not a choice, and that science could quite possibly back me up on this (though i am not sure)

    about the disney movie- dont we need to introduce children to the world? imo, thats kind of like white supremacists saying that their children shouldnt see diversity in movies. but idk.

    like may said, i know a lot of bloggers are christians, but i also know that a lot of christians are homosexual, or believe in it? all you need to be christian is faith in christ, correct? idk. when i was christian i believed in homosexuality, and although my faith has changed (im a questioning agnostic) my beliefs in gay marriage havent.

    if you do not believe gay marriage should be legalized, why? does it affect you really? (gosh i hope that didnt sound rude)

    i hope we can still be friends after this comment <3 <3

    (i cant tell if my comment posted or not, so if i triple posted a comment oops im sorry)
    (btw it wouldnt let me comment using wordpress so this is april mclauren

    1. Hmm...
      If a man can marry a man, and a woman can marry a woman, who's to say they can't marry a dog or a cat? What if they find themselves attracked to a car or an object, the same way humans are attracked to other humans? If same-sex marriage is legalized, isn't it biased against that person who is attracked to a dog or a car? Why can't a man marry a young child, if he's allowd to marry the same-sex? They're both sexual-preferences, aren't they?

      Allie Taylor / Hebrews 11:1 / thedepthofmyfaith7.blogspot.com

    2. There's a difference between wild accusations and real facts.

      Human emotions usually bend towards the same species, not an object. We believers cannot use excuses to blame others for not believing in the same thing as us, or loving something different than us.

      If we believe in a different religion, THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY!! Hey, Judaism gave us Islam and Christianity. People believed different things at different times.

      There are different kinds of love Allie. Eros love is romantic love, like a marriage. Agape love is like Christian and Judaism's love and fear of God. Most human brains develop the Eros emotion towards the same species, not another. We have to face facts as well as our own beliefs.

      Who are we as Christians, who are supposed to accept and love and respect our neighbors as ourselves if we can't! We must respect all people, no matter if they love a man, a woman, no matter the race or religion. We have to accept them with open arms.


    3. I don't like to get in comment debates, but to be a Christian you have to admit you are a sinner, ask for forgiveness, believe in Jesus Christ as God's soon, and ask for Him to lead your life. Part of Him leading your life is believing in the Bible, and the Bible, as shown in this post, says that the act of homosexuality is wrong.
      Everyone is a sinner. Yes, some Christians agree with homosexuality, some Christians get divorced for their own happiness, get angry, etc. That doesn't make them hypocrites, that makes them human. I hope this helps you see it from our point of view :) I do believe we are supposed to love people who are gay and lesbian, even if we can't agree with them.

    4. but why cant a man marry a young child if he can marry a woman? women are his preference
      i highly doubt anyone would be attracted to a car but they cant talk so they cant consent

    5. I don't like to get into debates either, but I was thinking the same thing as April. Allie, I love you, but your question applies to hetero marriage: Why can't a man marry a young child if he can marry a woman (like April said) I truly, truly believe that homosexuality is a matter of love. If two people love each other, regardless of their gender, they should have the right to marry each other.

      (Also, April brings up a good point with consent. To marry, you must have both people's consent. If the child doesn't consent to marrying the man, then that marriage can't happen. And I'm not sure about any marriage laws, but I think there might be age minimums on marriage, in different places.)

    6. *I meant that "your question applies to hetero marriage as well"


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