This is the place where I will post my amazingly awesome pen-bleedings. What's a pen-bleeding, you ask? That is when my pen bleeds all over the page and creates a novel, of course! (And, yes, it actually happens).

Sisters of Celene Chronicles
\\ Book 1 \\
{ The Rose's Shadow }

Started: February 2017
Finished: As you can tell, I haven't yet...
Genre: YA Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling
Word-count: 4,526
Age: Young Adult

a rose. a beast. a curse.

Blaire is the first of twelve princesses and the heir to the throne of Celene. But, before she can become queen, she must find a co-heir, and that proves to be hard work. A selfish prince wants to claim her - and her crown - as his own, but Blaire’s not going to let that happen.

When Blaire’s second to youngest sister, Cora, falls into a unknown illnesses in the night, she and Colene - sister number two - must ride out into the stormy night to save her.

Blaire is separated from her sister in the woods when a lion attacks them, and she stumbles across a hidden castle and a prince beast who is cursed to be doomed as a beast all his life, unless he can fall in love with a maiden and gain hers in return before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls…


  1. Replies
    1. YES WRITINNNNGGGGGSSSS. I love these kind of pages, don't you? :)

    2. Yes! But any attempt at my own is a failure...

    3. I'm sure you could write a really good one!! I believe in you. 😃

    4. I made one, but your graphics are WAYYY better XD

    5. Nah, I like yours!! I think they're super cool. :D

    6. Aww, that means so much to me. :) You're so nice, Anika!


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