{ the revealing of the surprise...\\ y'all ready for this? }

Sunday, June 18, 2017

So...it's finally here. The surprise. The thing you've all been waiting for. Sheesh, by now you probably think there isn't even a surprise because I've been holding it off for so long. (right now Sare's post legitimately describes me. all the time.)

I know that when some people have surprises they just do this whole thing where they make you scroll down this HUGE line of dots and it's just like STOP IT I WANT TO SEE WHAT IT IS and your start scrolling so vigorously your finger starts to hurt.

I'm not gonna make you do that because I am so sweet and kind.

A post before this one I gave you guys a hint. Let's recap that hint and see what some of your answers where. #totallynotstalling

it's old but new, where thoughts are told, and my opinions are translated in bold.

One of you got pretty close to the answer, and to tell the truth, I wasn't very surprised.

Well, I told you guys I wouldn't make you wait, so I won't.

I created a blog of essays and poems.

The answer to the riddle is a new blog, because I've been blogging for a while but this one is newly created, my thoughts are told there, and you might see me using bold a lot in my posts. ;)

Unlike This Journey Called Life, my other blog, titled the beauty of words, will be where I post any poems and essays I write for school or that I write in my notebook. The beauty of words will be a private blog, so you will need to request permission to get in. To do that you can either use the button they provide which will alert me or email me with your email so I can invite you. :)

Here's a complimentory screenshot of the blog:

And the link to the blog: GO TO THE BEAUTY OF WORDS (remember, it's private, so you need to request permision).
Ok, I'll let you freak out now. I'm kind of out of words, so I'll let you do the talking. What do you think about it? Do you like the blog?

{ an interview with Caleb \\ in honor of his golden birthday }

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

(Yes, that is a completely adorable picture of me and my brother up there^^^aren't we so adorable???)

Today, my big brother turned 14 yeas old. Yeesh, he's getting old. Anyway, I decided to do an interview with him in honor of his 14th birthday, which also happens to be his golden one. Introducing...an interview with Caleb (aka on his blog, Darth Belac!! You can check him out over at his blog, right HERE).


Me: So, how does it feel to be 14?

Bro: Mmm...older.

Me: Ok. Is older good or bad?

Bro: Good. It means only three years 'till college.

Me: What do you want to do in college?

Bro: Mechanical engineering.

Me: What would you want to do with a degree in mechanical engineering?

Bro: I'd like to invent things for a hobby, but for work, I'd like to improve existing machines. Like creating a hovering car; making the world a better place.

Me: Umm...what is one thing you'd like to invent someday?

Bro: Oh, I dunno...maybe charger that could charge your device in 30 seconds, or a holographic TV, or an actual Iron Man suit. Oh, and a Jedi lightsaber. Like, an actual one.

Me: Ok, cool. Speaking of Iron Man, who would you be if you could be any superhero?

Bro: Iron Man. He and Black Panther are my favorite Avengers.

Me: Oh, yeah, I saw that you did a post on Black Panther a little while back. You should do one on Iron Man.

Bro: Weeeeellll...the next post I will be publishing is going to be about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After that is a post starring Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Then, maybe, I'll do an Iron Man post.

Me: Oh, yeah! I forgot that you saw Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters a few weeks ago. How was that?

Bro: It was good. I'd advise anyone over 11 to see it. It's a good movie.

Me: Was there a lot of violence in your opinion? Or was it just a bit gory in some places?

Bro: Was it violent? WAS IT VIOLENT?! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT QUESTION??? It's a Pirate's of the Caribbean movie with a guy in it who literally slaughters people for a hobby! Of course it's violent! It wasn't too violent in some parts, but very funny. You know how Jack Sparr--

Me: You mean Captain Jack Sparrow?

Bro: *rolls eyes* Yes, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow. You know how he is. Captain Armando Salazar, the pirate hunter who turned into a ghost, was pretty funny, too.

Me: Yes, I know how Captain Jack is. I can't wait to see the movie myself.

Bro: Ok, now I have a question for you.

Me: What? I thought I was supposed to be interviewing-

Bro: Nah ah ah. I'm asking you a question now.

Me: *shrugs* Ok.

Bro: How does it feel to be 2 years younger than me? *smirks*

Me: *laughs* Good. I know I'm not gonna get old and go all Gandalf the Grey before you, which is reassuring. *smirks back*

Bro: Well, I'm done now, so goodbye.

Me: Ok. Thanks for letting me interview you! Happy Golden Birthday.

Bro: You're welcome, and thanks.
I hope you enjoyed the interview! Caleb will be answering all the questions for this post, so feel free to direct questions at him and not me.  I better go start on those cupcakes he wanted for his birthday...see ya!

{ nature's beauty \\ there is peace in the storm}

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Aren't natures storm's beautiful? I mean, they scare you to death in some cases, but they are still beautiful.
Sunday morning, I wake up early to darkness. It feels like night because of the dark grey clouds hovering over our town. I eat my usual Sunday breakfast (which is always cereal because it's a quick thing before church) and then start making some cards for some graduations we are going to go to later.
By then all four of my siblings are up and being picky about the kinds of cereal we have (believe me when I say I live with the pickiest people on earth). Then, mom asks dad to come talk to her in the bedroom. It's started raining hard, but the clouds that I can see out the patio door are the normal thunderstorm-grey color.
Well, mom comes out of her room and orders us all to get dressed and get out to the car - by then I can tell something's wrong because she was watching the weather on the news earlier and she's using the same voice she did when there was a tornado that touched a mile or two from our house a few years back. I'm hurrying to get my toddler sister and I dressed and out the door (she usually falls into my hands, being the older sister and all) and I start getting really scared. Mom keeps telling us to get out to the car now, and I know that can't be good at all.
My ten-year-old sister has this huge fear of tornadoes where she starts shaking and sobbing from fear. Surprisingly, she doesn't seem scared (but I know she is 'cause she's making nervous jokes to lighten the mood) and then I start shaking. Like, I'm shaking so hard I can barely keep my hand steady enough to unlock the front door.
After all of us are assembled in the car I finally see why my mom was acting so urgent. On the West side of our house, the side I couldn't see from the patio door, is this massive wall of green clouds. We're at the very front of the worst storm I've ever seen in my life.
I get more and more scared as the rain drops wash down our windows and the wind speed increases, bending the trees very far sideways. Thunder so loud it hurts my ears is cracking all around us accompanied by strikes of lightning here and there. By then, I'm desperate to reach my grandparents' house (where we were heading because their house has a basement and ours doesn't). Mom's going very much past the speed limit, though nobody would care much because of the wall of green clouds chasing us.
All of a sudden, the lightning flashes purple against the green clouds and I smile. It's so beautiful, I think. With the raging of the storm comes the beauty of nature. A thunderstorm's rainbow. Purple and green and blue flashing across the sky, like colorful sunshine.
There's peace in the storm.
I am still a bit nervous, but my fear is gone. I'm comforting my toddler sister when she cries because of the thunder instead of cowering in my seat. The next few minutes are a blur as we drive up our grandparents' driveway and I rush my sister into the house, laughing with her about our clothes getting wet.
The morning we spend at my grandparents' is spent by me watching to clouds. But, not for hail or tornadoes (though I was hoping it wouldn't happen) but at the beauty of the storm. The water rushing down the driveway like a waterfall, the trees dancing and rustling their leaves in the wind, the green light the clouds are casting over the land.
I'm not scared anymore, because there is beauty in the storm.
PS: Here's the hint about the surprise you guys have been asking for: it's old but new, where thoughts are told, and my opinions are translated in bold.
Do you think there is beauty in the storm? Can you guess where the surprise is by the hint? Have you ever had a tornado touch near you?
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