So. Yes. I have not posted in a little bit. BUT I HAVE A REALLY GOOD EXCUSE THIS TIME.

Our family moved (HA, I TOLD YOU I HAD AN EXCUSE). We moved from our apartment in the city (blah) to our house out in the country (yayayayayayay!!!). Goodness, guys, I forgot how amazing it is to live in the country. All the beautiful sunsets and the landscape. *happy sigh* It's all so beautiful.

Second, on top of moving, I've been working on the surprise I told you guys about. It's in progress and moving. Not very fast because we are still unpacking, but it's moving.

I will probably be able to reveal the surprise in...one to two weeks. If it turns into two weeks and one day, don't blame me. It was probably all the amazing books from my amazing NEW LIBRARY keeping me distracted (ok, it's not really new but it feels new cause different state = different town = different library = MORE BOOKS TO READ).

Ok, now, you shall all see my beautiful photography. I took some pictures a couple of months ago and then some more last night. Yes, I know; I don't take many pictures. But, I don't have a camera or phone, and the tablet's camera is terrible, and I am not able to get a hand on either of my parents' iPhones very often. So. Photo dumps are very rare. Savor the moment.

That, up there, is Legacy (my friend)'s older brother's puppy, Jackson. AAWW HE'S SO CUTE. Unfortunately, we moved away from them, so, yeah :( But, I'm sure we'll see each other again sometime! :)

I hoped you savored these photos very much. And keep on a look out for the surprise...*walks away mysteriously* :P
Have you moved recently? Hearts and hugs if you did. Can you guess what the surprise is? *waggles eyebrows* YOU SHALL NEVER GUESS. *laughs evilly* Do you like my photography? Do you live in the country or the city?


  1. Lovely photos, Anika! <3

  2. Your little sis is soooo cuuuute! And I'm looking forward to that surprise of yours... TELL ME MORE. NOW.

    1. Isn't she? Now, why don't I look more like her... :P ;) I am looking forward to revealing it. I'M SORRY BUT I CANNOT TELL YOU MORE.

  3. Great pictures! Your sister is adorable! :)


  4. Yay, I shall finally see your amazing photos! XD I especially like the one of the chalk lettering. :)
    BTW, your graphics are all so pretty! *sighs contentedly*

    1. Yes, you shall!!!! I like that one, too. :)
      Aww, thanks! I love pretty graphics...they make me happy. :D

  5. Great photos! And YOU MOVED? Eep! Yes, the country is 100% amazing after being in a more populated place for a long time.

    Anika, you couldn't bychance have a hint for us?
    Is it.. possibly a story you've written?

    1. Thank you! Yep, I did!! I LOVE THE COUNTRY SO MUCH. *hugs the sunsets*

      Hmm...*scratches chin* Maybe in the next post. Maybe. And, no, it's not a story I've written. :)

  6. OLAY so I haven't been on your blog ever since you converted back from Wordpress, but I'm so glad I finally found it again (yay)! Your photographs are so cute-- I love "Fight Song" so much.

    Can't wait to hear the surprise that you have up your sleeve in one or two weeks! (Perhaps give us a hint?)

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. *Actually it was meant to say "Okay," but "Olay" (olé!) is all right, too. xD

    2. XD It's fine! Olay works :P

      I haven't been on your blog in a while either...not since you change from Morning to Abigail. :) Thank you! I love that song, too.

      I can't wait to reveal it! Hmm...I'll probably give a hint in my next post. :)

  7. love your pictures!

    i prefer the suburbs to anything! where i live, if you drive a few minutes one direction, you're in the country. but a few minutes in the other direction, and you're in a huge city! i like being in the middle :)


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