an interview with CALEB | in honor of his golden birthday

(Yes, that is a completely adorable picture of me and my brother up there^^^aren't we so adorable???)

Today, my big brother turned 14 yeas old. Yeesh, he's getting old. Anyway, I decided to do an interview with him in honor of his 14th birthday, which also happens to be his golden one. Introducing...an interview with Caleb (aka on his blog, Darth Belac!! You can check him out over at his blog, right HERE).


Me: So, how does it feel to be 14?

Bro: Mmm...older.

Me: Ok. Is older good or bad?

Bro: Good. It means only three years 'till college.

Me: What do you want to do in college?

Bro: Mechanical engineering.

Me: What would you want to do with a degree in mechanical engineering?

Bro: I'd like to invent things for a hobby, but for work, I'd like to improve existing machines. Like creating a hovering car; making the world a better place.

Me: Umm...what is one thing you'd like to invent someday?

Bro: Oh, I dunno...maybe charger that could charge your device in 30 seconds, or a holographic TV, or an actual Iron Man suit. Oh, and a Jedi lightsaber. Like, an actual one.

Me: Ok, cool. Speaking of Iron Man, who would you be if you could be any superhero?

Bro: Iron Man. He and Black Panther are my favorite Avengers.

Me: Oh, yeah, I saw that you did a post on Black Panther a little while back. You should do one on Iron Man.

Bro: Weeeeellll...the next post I will be publishing is going to be about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After that is a post starring Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Then, maybe, I'll do an Iron Man post.

Me: Oh, yeah! I forgot that you saw Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters a few weeks ago. How was that?

Bro: It was good. I'd advise anyone over 11 to see it. It's a good movie.

Me: Was there a lot of violence in your opinion? Or was it just a bit gory in some places?

Bro: Was it violent? WAS IT VIOLENT?! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT QUESTION??? It's a Pirate's of the Caribbean movie with a guy in it who literally slaughters people for a hobby! Of course it's violent! It wasn't too violent in some parts, but very funny. You know how Jack Sparr--

Me: You mean Captain Jack Sparrow?

Bro: *rolls eyes* Yes, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow. You know how he is. Captain Armando Salazar, the pirate hunter who turned into a ghost, was pretty funny, too.

Me: Yes, I know how Captain Jack is. I can't wait to see the movie myself.

Bro: Ok, now I have a question for you.

Me: What? I thought I was supposed to be interviewing-

Bro: Nah ah ah. I'm asking you a question now.

Me: *shrugs* Ok.

Bro: How does it feel to be 2 years younger than me? *smirks*

Me: *laughs* Good. I know I'm not gonna get old and go all Gandalf the Grey before you, which is reassuring. *smirks back*

Bro: Well, I'm done now, so goodbye.

Me: Ok. Thanks for letting me interview you! Happy Golden Birthday.

Bro: You're welcome, and thanks.
I hope you enjoyed the interview! Caleb will be answering all the questions for this post, so feel free to direct questions at him and not me.  I better go start on those cupcakes he wanted for his birthday...see ya!


  1. BWAHAHA "You mean Captain Jack Sparrow?" You called him out right there! Your brother seems like a cool guy-- as someone who also wants to pursue in engineering as well (writing is my passion, but I'm crazy about the environment and keeping green, thus Environmental Engineering), it's super neat to see what other to-be engineers want to create. Happy belated birthday to your brother!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. YOU AND YOUR BROTHER LOOK SO CUTE AS LITTLE BABIES!!! XD Happy (late) birthday to Caleb! That's so cool that he has a blog, and I applaud him for wanting to go into engineering! My dad's a robotic engineer, and let's just say... I'm not a math person. XD My passion's definitely in writing!

    may @ forever and everly

  3. If Caleb/Belac did make a lightsaber, I would 100% be like "and to think i followed his sister's blog all those years ago..."


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