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Hello, everyone! I was tagged by the wonderful Bubbles @ A Tween's Twitter Chatter for theCramm Award! I think that this is a sweet little award that's not too long and not too short and focuses on only a few things at a time. Some tags are just too...busy, you know?

​This award was created by theCramm to help get savvy, awesome bloggers recognized, which is run by Olivia @ Your Rose Awaits. Unfortunately, Olivia does not post very often (if at all) anymore, but you can go back and read all her old posts. :)

  • Include that little tidbit about who created this (epic) award (with a link to the website)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun “challenge question”

Ok, are you ready? I'm ready. No, I'm definitely readier than you are. I'm so ready you wouldn't even believe how ready I am. No, no, no; I'm readier than PIZZA IN A TO-GO BOX (beat that *smirks*)!

three things that motivate me to blog:

My friends. I have made SO many amazing friends while blogging this past year and a half (WHAT IT'S BEEN A YEAR AND A HALF ALREADY???!!). I can't even get them all into one post, but thanks May, Evy, Sophie, JuliaSoleilSarah, Mary, Allie, Megan, Savannah, K.A., Abi, Chloe, Jade, Christine, Emmaline, Haley, Maris, Rebecca, and Misty (her blog is private) for just, well, being my friends and encouraging me. It's so fun to chat with you guys over emails, in the comments, or on chats about just...stuff. Lots of silly stuff :P Thanks for making this blogging journey so much more fun. :)

Myself. I blog for myself, because if I couldn't blog anymore, I would go crazy. Where would I go to share little tidbits of my life and writing with? My journal? Well, I'm not gonna let anyone read that, so...

God. I know, I don't post as much "God stuff" as I would like to, but I am planning on writing more Christian based posts. I am also very satisfied to be providing a God honoring blog amongst some of those...not so God-honoring ones (AKA blogs with swearing, bad images, videos, etc.) for people of all religions and races to read. And, if you want to read more "God-posts" by yours truly (or any of the other girls on the blog), head on over to YLFC. Megan and I just redesigned the site and it looks BEAUTIFUL (thanks, Megan!).

three people who inspire me to blog:

God. Yes, I know: what a predictable answer. But, it's true. God (or, sometimes, the taggers of tags :P) is one who puts all the posts (or answers to questions in the posts) into my mind to share with you guys. Thanks, God, for your wide-spread imagination that brings these thoughts to my brain.

My followers. Yes, yes: so predictable. But, you guys are the gas to my truck, the motor to my scooter, the accessories to my favorite outfit! What would I do without you? Who would I be writing these posts for if no one read them? Well...no one. So, thanks. :)

May. Mhm, yep, I know; also predictable (although now really...?). But, May, you have only been blogging for a short time and you are already SO good at it. It's like, during the first few weeks your blog had that "Hi, I'm new" kinda feel (you know everyone has had it), but then, BAM; you turned up the music and changed that to the "Hi, I am an expert and have been blogging for 25 years" kinda feel! Overall, I love you and your blog and how much it has grown over...five months. Wow.


Ok, so, my challenge question was what do you want to do to change the world?, but I'm also supposed to share one thing I hope to do to improve the world, so I'm gonna just combine the two into one #questionmeshing.

what i want to do to change the world:

I want to spread God's love to those who don't know Him yet to change the world. I want to show His light to those who need it. I want to love the people in the world as He loved us. I want people to feel and see His light shining through me. I want to give people who need it as much love as I can possibly muster.

May \\ Forever and Everly (you knew I would, didn't you...)

Megan \\ A Barefoot Gal

Clara \\ The Zephyr

Soleil \\ Thoughts from a Daughter of God (I spelled your name right!!)

my question for the nominees:

Here's my question for anyone I nominated - What is one dream you have that you would give anything to make it come true?
Have you ever done theCramm Award? What do YOU want to do to change the world? I am now going to be trying to post every other day; what do you think about that? Does it seem like too much or too little?


  1. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH. *wails* The little tidbits about me made me feel sooooo happyyyyyy. *cries* <3 <3 Unfortunately I've already done theCramm award but I still appreciate you SO SO much for nominating me PLUS saying all those kind things. (And psst, this probably isn't helping my case but it's actually four months. :P)

    My followers DEFINITELY inspire me to blog! I mean, I want to give them the best content I can. And get more followers. XD I'M NOT ASHAMED. And I totally blog for myself as well! I love it and it makes me feel SOOOO happy to do it. I also should take a BREAK from blogging for myself too... #stressed.


    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. You're welcome!! It made me soooooo happy to write them! Aww, that's fine! It is a wide spread award. :) XD Wow, four months? Cool!

      Mine, too! I am a tad bit #stressed too...but I just took a break, so :P


  2. First Anika, thanks for nominating me! I'm glad we're friends are you're such a sweet, amazing, cool, writer!

    I've never done the Cramm award before, so this'll be fun!

    I think I could change the world in a bunch of different ways. My passion is writing, but I consider myself a girl of many talents. I think I can change the world with my writing skills, my music, (either singing or playing the violin), and my strong viewpoints.

    Ugh those strong viewpoints will be the death of me. I always come off to strong when conveying them and making it seem like I'm rude.

    Live long and prosper,
    <3 from Sophie.

    1. You are welcome! I'm glad WE'RE friends and that YOU are such a sweet, amazing, cool writer! :D

      Ok, great! I like singing and piano. And, writing is TOTALLY my passion. XD #same about that viewpoints thing. :P

  3. AWWWWWW YOU NOMINATED ME! THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANIKA! <3<3<3 This is an awesome award! Can't wait to try it out! ;)

    1. YES I NOMINATED YOU!!!!! YOU'RE WELCOME, CLARA!!! I can't wait to see you try it out! :)

  4. such a cool tag! and loved your answers XD

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I had fun writing the answers (probably too much fun, considering this post was longer than I was planning) XD

  5. Thank you soooo much for the nomination! I didn't know anything about this award? Like, I had never ever ever heard of it. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.
    I loved reading your answers though!

    1. You're welcome, Daisy! I had never heard of it before about half a year after I started blogging. I was just WAITING for someone to nominate me. :P I have never heard of A LOT of tags...I bet there are thousands. ;)
      Thanks! I loved writing them. :)


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