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No, I did not unexpectedly take a two week break from blogging. No, I have not completely rejected my manuscript since late April. And no, I have not been reading blog posts and books all month and completely neglecting the glorious blogging universe.



Yes, May along with April have been crazy busy. My dad graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management on the 13th, both of my grandparents, my great grandfather, and my great aunt came up to where I live to celebrate (some of them from the Bahamas), and I became Allie Taylor's assistant and, I guess what you would call the "boss" of Young Ladies for Christ while Allie is on hiatus. Believe me, running a blog with ten other girls on it is not easy. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU DO IT ALLIE??? TELL ME HOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!

No, that was definitely not a desperate cry for help . No, I am not complaining and yes, I love my girls <3

Anyway, May has been crazy, April has been crazy, and June, July, and August WILL be crazy. I thought I'd give you this life updates (AKA April and May recap) post so that you know that I have not been tragically devoured by a dragon. I am still breathing in books like a vacuum and eating up every word (as always) and have not abandoned you poor creatures. What you would do without me is still unknown.

this guy looks like he's saying "seriously?" which is probably what you are saying so...



\\ My dad graduated from college

\\ I have bought at least five cold coffee drinks in the past two months (which has actually never happened before)

\\ I became the assistant of YLFC and the current manager of sorts

\\ I spent quality time with my dad (which rarely happens so "whoop whoop!!")

\\ I talked to my Bible Study leader about relationships and whatnot (and she gave me some very valuable life info: it's not a good idea to date in High School)

\\ I walked into a brick and mortar book store for the first time in my life (don't blame me: Amazon is just as good a book store as any brick and mortar one)


Nine. Nit. Nada. Not today. AKA: I have not written in fifteen days and I am enjoying the break immensely. You know how you just love to write but at some point you're just like I NEED A BREAK OR I SHALL DROWN IN WORDS. Yep. That's how I felt after NaNo. Sorry my beautiful alpha readers for the delay of words but...you shall see more in a few days. Probably by Saturday which is a week away and technically not a few days...


Ok, ok. I need to remember all the books I have been reading. *checks Goodreads* I haven't been reading as much in the past two months as I usually do, but it's been some. I have been reading a lot more blog posts lately and trying to catch up with the 100 and something blogs that I follow.

\\ favorite book \\

Ummm...definitely Dana's Valley. It is such an amazing story...my heart nearly broke at the end and I actually cried. But I felt so refreshed in the end. Like everything happened as it should even though it made me feel...something. YOU MADE ME FEEL, JANETTE OKE. IT IS AN EMOTION I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE. HOW DARE YOU.

\\ least favorite book \\

Umm...I think the one I enjoyed the least was Rainbow Valley. It was not nearly as good as the first few Anne of Greene Gables books, and it seemed to stretch a bit so that it could be long enough. I also didn't get enough of Gilbert. I mean, seriously? He appears, like, two times in the whole book and there's no joking, cute, curly headed Gilbert there. They call him Dr. Blythe. It just seems...wrong. :P

{ POSTING LATELY (yes, I have not written a post yet in May besides this. *cringes* }

So, yes, I am not dead. I am alive and able and willing. I hope you didn't miss me too much. I shall post again this week. I promise. I am working on another tag and something...well, let's just call it a surprise (and, no, I am not switching blogs again :P).
So, how are you? Did you miss me? Did you not miss me (I highly doubt it...)? How crazy has your life been lately? Can you guess what the surprise is?


  1. Glad to have you back, Anika! Congratulations on Camp, and your dad's graduation! I'll be looking forward to your future posts. :)

    1. Glad to have me back too, Grace! :) Thanks so much! I'm very relieved that he finally graduated and is able to spend more quality time with us. I look forward to writing more posts! They always excite me. :D

  2. Ah, two week breaks are nice! :P Congrats for your dad, and can I ask what exact advice your Bible Study teacher gave you on dating in high school? Because I was just talking with my friends today about how dating in high school seems like the "norm" these days. XDD AND AAAAAAAY WE BOTH HAD BOOKSTORE MOMENTS: I'm a HUUUUGE YA reader but this weekend I found the YA books section in my bookstore FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Proof that I am broke and therefore have no money to spend. XD Looking forward to your next posts! :)

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. Yes, they are! Thanks! It's been three years since he started, so I'm glad it's finally over. :)

      My Bible Study leader (her name is Grace) used to be dating, but they broke up about a month ago. Anyways, she and I believe that you should date with the intention of marriage and that usually, sixteen year olds aren't really ready to be married. If you find you know, "that person", that you would like to marry but are too young (*coughcough* like, how fifteen year olds and under are dating) and whatever, I think that you should agree to be friends and get to know more about each other before beginning to date or court when you are a little older. Sometimes, all the drama and breakups and whatever are too much for a young teen to handle, ya know? It does really seem like the "norm" these days. And, I'm not saying it's completely bad. Some teens are mature enough to keep a stable relationship that could develop to become something more (marriage), but a lot aren't.
      Well, I rambled a bit there XD

      XD I am broke and cannot afford a single book. Next thing ya know I'll be going to the LIBRARY. *gasps and cries of agony*

      Thanks! I'm looking forward to posting more posts. :)

  3. Haha, congrats to your dad! Omw, one of those God-moments- a friend of mine started dating this weekend and I realized that I'm just not entirely comfortable with it! :p And YESSS Amazon for the win!! I went in Books-A-Million Sunday afternoon, and had a lovely conversation about Rick Riordan, Marissa Meyer, and coffee with two girls I met there. #meetingmorebookworms I didn't buy anything because #broke and #summerreleases :p

    Glad you're back, Anika! Can't wait to read more posts!

    1. Thanks, Daisy! Yes, those God-moments are amazing. I would not be very comfortable if my friend started dating, either. AMAZON IS MY BOOKSTORE ON THE COUCH. Oh, that's cool! I need to do that sometime. :) XD I've only bought a maximum of 6 books in my lifetime and I feel like I should buy books more often but, #brokeaswell :P

      Thanks! I can't wait to write more of them for you to read. :)

  4. You're back Anika!!!!

    Well it must be stressful to be you, but congrats on your dad's graduation!
    I'll have to try some of those books you recommend. I need to restock on books for the next few months....

    1. Yes, I am!!!!! I get the feeling people ACTUALLY missed me...*shock*

      It is a little stressful, but I'm just trying to knock things off my list one by one. ;) Thanks! The ceremony was SO LONG. *dies of boredom*
      Oh, you should! I do too... :)

  5. Yay! You're back! *waves*

    How did you manage to not go into a bookstore in 12 WHOLE YEARS OF LIFE?! Like, how does that even happen?

    I look forward to seeing you around again. :3

    1. Yay!! *waves back*

      I do not know. I haven't been to the library since February (proof that I don't have time to do anything), so I got kinda desperate. :P

      I look forward to seeing me around again, too. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this life update, and I hope you have a great summer!


    1. You're welcome! You have a great one too! :D


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