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I just signed up for a super cool, super awesome, super EVERYTHING project called {Project Canvas}.

Olivia Rogers and Caroline Meek (two amazing girls) came up with a super amazing idea. They said, "why not get a whole bunch of writers together to write different articles for one huge book?"

I just gotta say, guys - that's the most brilliant idea I've ever heard of in my lifetime. You can check out the website here (or above - whatever). If you are a writer who likes to share information and ideas, this is definitely the organization for you.

I signed up, along with many other amazing writers, and cannot wait to see the book published and sent out to the world. I am really excited for this, guys. :)
Isn't Project Canvas such a great idea? I think it's super cool. Are you going to be participating in Project Canvas? Have you ever read a book with advice from different writers all of the world?


  1. That looks really cool! It kind of sounds like WordCrafters, but nonfiction. I'll have to check it out.

    1. It is! Yes, I guess it is a bit like Wordcrafters... :D

    2. I entered Project Canvas! :)

    3. That's super cool! I'm so excited. 😊

  2. YAY PROJECT CANVAS!!! Everybody's posting about it and it makes me so happy. :3

  3. Aww man I think I just found this post, and it made me so happy!!!! :)


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