the get to know me tag | how much do you REALLY know about me?

(SORRY this is late but apparently my mom had a BABY yesterday so I've been kinda busy #notashamed)

Apparently, a while ago, May did this Get to Know Me Tag thing and then I realized WHEN HAVE I ACTUALLY EVER TALKED ABOUT MYSELF besides here and here? Yeesh, that's not much.

You guys probably think I'm some alien robot creepy stalker dude. That or a pink pony trying to take over the blogiverse. #goals

Now, I guess I'll stop talking about me and get on to this post about me. :P

Name: Anika Walkes (though I go by Anika Joy as an author name because someday I'll probably get married so, yeah).
Nicknames: Ani and Joy are the two I can actually think of.
Birthday: November 15. NOVEMBER BABIES ROCK. (Also SQUUEEEE because May has a birthday 2 days after me).
Star Sign: Scorpio because #ScoprioRocks
Occupation: I am a full-time procrastinator. Oh, you meant a real job, huh? I am a student. Yeppers. A full time homeschooled middle school student if that's actually an occupation...
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Hair Length: Well, it depends. I originally have curly hair, so, if it's curly it's shoulder length, and it's past my armpit if it's straightened.
Eye Color: Dark hazel/brown.
Best Feature: Uh...I guess either my hair or my skin color. That's what most people say.
Braces: None. I don't need them and never will (hopefully).
Piercings: I got my ears pierced when I was 4 years old. I love them, too, though it is a bit hard to remember to wear them.
Tattoos: Eh, no.

Righty or Lefty: Righty. Though just like May said, my left thumb goes over my right when I clasp my hands and my left ankle goes over my right all the time so...yeah. Weird.
Real Holiday: I'm not sure if Thanksgiving counts...if not, then Christmas.
Best Friend: My BFF Ava! Our moms have been very good friends since they were kids, so I guess the disease passed on. :P
Award: To tell the truth...I've never won an award. Never in my life. :(
Sport: Volleyball.
Concert: Uh...a Christian bluegrass concert.
TV Show(s): Uhh...umm...baa...daa...aaaaaahhhhhh...I don't know. Full House, maybe? I like the new Disney show, Andi Mack, too. The Flash is a cool one. And D.C. Legends.
Color: Turquoise. I plan on redoing my room that color.
Songs: HA I was prepared for this one because I have a playlist of my favorites (and don't worry, it's only five songs) and they are: When Can I See You Again by Owl City, Diamonds by Hawk Nelson, Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, That's What I Like by Flo Rida ft. Fitz, and How Far I'll Go by Auli'i Caravalho.
Restaurant: I shall not answer this question because IT IS RIDICULOUS. HOW CAN ONE HAVE FAVORITES?
Books: I also shall not answer BECAUSE THIS IS A REALLY STUPID QUESTION.

Shoes: My feet. I'd go barefoot above all. #BarefootIsBetter
Feeling: Hungry because it's 8:30 in the morning and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Also very numb and achy because I've been sitting in the same position for two hours.

Single or Taken: Single 'till the day I die (or maybe not...).

Eating: I just took a break and ate two pieces of toast and some cantaloupe but HAHA I'm still hungry.

Thinking About: How these new glasses I got are annoying my nose because I've never had glasses before and they annoy me a lot. Also how hungry I am.

Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing in the background but I am totally not watching it (maybe)...

Wearing: A pink tank top and blue running shorts and my amazingly annoying but good looking pink and black glasses.


Want Children: Yepperdoodles. I wanna house full of 'em.

Want to be Married: Yes.

Careers in Mind: Author and web/graphic designer. I'm actually considering starting a free web design service...

Where You Want to Live: I have no idea. I'll go wherever God wants me to be.


God: Totally.

Miracles: Yes, I believe in miracles from God.

Love at First Sight: I think that you can have "like at first sight" (as in a crush or something), but I believe that true love develops as you spend more time with the person.

Ghosts: I believe in the Holy Ghost, One of the Trinity, but no, not real "ghosts".

Aliens: No way.

Soul Mates: I believe that God has a person for everyone unless He doesn't plan on them getting married. So, in a way, yes.

Heaven: Yes.

Hell: Yes.

Kissing on the First Date: No, not really. I mean, maybe if you've been friends for a long time and you know that you want to marry each other. But, I wouldn't kiss anybody I don't know I'm gonna marry.

Yourself: I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I TAG...

If you are a person and you like Hobby Lobby you are officially tagged for this tag. Thank you. *bows*
Were you surprised from any of my answers? Did you already know any of that stuff about me? Would you like to see a picture of my new sibling because BABIES = cuteness.


  1. Firstly:
    ASJDLDKFJ CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW SIBLING! babies are so adorable and squish-able and just CUTE.
    And great post! It was really fun to read all those things about you. ALSO that question about favorite books IS stupid because excuse me??? how dare you make me choose???

    1. AGKNSKNJABS BECAUSE I LOVE THE FONT SO MUCH <3 It's called Habgost Lite.
      AFJHKSNFUE Thanks!!! They are definitely squish-able and cute.
      Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad. It is very stupid. How could one choose??? It's like picking siblings XD

  2. Agh, this is such a fun tag! I honestly like "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bob Jovi-- it's such a classic and I honestly don't mind a ton of rock. Also, I can't say I love Hobby Lobby or hate it because we don't have one up here where I live. >.< I love all your GIFs, though!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. It is! I love that one too because...well, my big bro and I have been jamming to '80s music lately, and it's one of our favorites. I don't mind it either. :)
      Aww, that's too bad! Well, consider yourself tagged (if you want to do it). :)

  3. WAIT WAIT WAIT, WHAAAAAAATT!!!!?? YOUR MOM HAD A BABY???! Of COOOUUUURRSSE I want to see pictures!!!!! #BabiesStealMyHeart #BabiesRTheBest <3333

    I loved this post!! It was really fun to get to know more about you. ;) And, lol, that first GIF.....xD *grins*
    But, yeah, LOVED this post- it was super fun! =)

    I do like hobby lobby, actually- but I already did the tag, but thanks for unofficially tagging me, anyways! ;)
    Have a very blessed day, girl! =)
    Jaidyn Elise

  4. This post was awesome! But thanks to you, may, and shuffle, i now must do this tag. *narrows eyes* it's a conspiracy... :p and YOU HAVE A NEW SIBLING OMW??

    1. Thanks, Daisy! XD I am so sorry. I wish I could make it up to you.
      AND YES I DO OMW <3

  5. Barefoot forever! Shoes are overrated.
    Favorite book? If you can pick one you obviously don't read enough.

    1. Totally. If I can't go barefoot I can't go at all. ;)
      XD Wow, I've never heard of that. It's a good quote!

  6. LOVE THE NEW DESIGN AND FONTS AND EVERYTHING!!! And aww, congrats on your baby sis! You will DEFINITELY have to share pics of her! Thanks so much for linking to my post, and having a bday two days away from mine isn't something to fangirl about! :P (Although I have a friend whose birthday is on that day... and also another friend with a bday on the 12th. XD) And a free web design service would be so cool!

    may @ forever and everly

  7. I love volleyball and Full House too! You go, girl!



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