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Hi, y'all!

I am doing an interview with the main character from Allie Taylor's story, Rory. I'm reading what she has so far and GUYS IT'S AMAZING.

We talked over the phone for the interview (OVER THE PHONE GUYS) and it turned out amazing. Allie posted the part where she interviewed my MC for my Snow White retelli-- wait, you haven't heard about that yet?

Oh, bother. Now I'm gonna have to tell you all about my book. *dies in terror*

Well, in short, I'm entering the RoogleWood Press novella contest and the theme is a Snow White retelling. The MC's name is Eira (pronounced Yair-ah) and she is who Allie interviewed. You can check her interview with Eira out over HERE.

Well, let's get on to the actual highlight of this post: las interview.

(questions will be in bold, answers in regular, and if I want to add something it'll be in italics).

1. What would Rory do with a few hours of free time?

She would probably be reading. She is a straight A student, so she might also be doing extra circular stuff.

2. Does she have a "person of interest"?

Yes, his name is Brizen and he goes to the same school as Rory (oooohhh I like that name). He is sort of like a big brother to her (but, more than that probably. ;D). Brizen is a little tender and can be a bit harsh. He doesn't like opening up to people.

3. Does she like music?

She loves music (hurrah for music!). Rory's aunt is very musical and usually has it playing in the house.

4. Is Rory - in the world's terms - more of a "girly girl," a "tomboy,"or in the middle?

Rory is very much in the middle (Great choice! I'm in the middle, too :D). She works on a farm, but also has a big sister, Bessy, whom she looks up to. Bessy is very ladylike.

Thanks for the interview, Allie!!! I had a bunch of fun (and cannot wait to read more of Rory's story). You can see Allie's writing/personal blog @ The Depth of My Faith. IT'S REALLY COOL. It is undergoing some changes, so if things look a little messy...well, yeah, you'll know what's going on.

ALSO: things have been changing so rapidly in my life I'm just like *mind explodes*. First, I HAVE GLASSES (which I think I might have mentioned before). New glasses = new author/blog photo so I'm really excited!

Second, I'm taking a photography class through the school year, so y'all better get ready for a bucket load of photos to come your way come school again!

Third, you guys asked for a picture of my now three and a half week old sister, Saria (pronounced Sah-ri-ah), so, here ya go!

ADORABLE!! We had her newborn pics taken by a friend who is a photographer, and I got to go and watch. She was so adorable in all the poses!

What do you think of Rory?

Do you like character interviews?

What about my novella?

Do you think my baby sister is cute?

Until we meet again,


  1. Your story sounds SO COOL and Rory seems like a great character. Your sister is absolutely adorable.

    1. Thanks, Daisy!! She really is! And, thanks! SHE'S SO CHUBBY. <3

  2. ALLIE oh my gosh I haven't heard from you in forever and I feel really bad >.< I also love the name Brizen! Your sister is adorable, Anika!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Thanks, Abigail! Yeah, Allie's been pretty busy this summer. We just started talking again after a month or two of not. :)

  3. What a cute baby!! :)


  4. Oh my goodness, your sister is adorable :D


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