five things every writer needs and would die without

So, you may have noticed my new blog header (I bet you guys are pretty tired of me changing it). You may still see a few more tweaks here and there (I'm trying to get drop downs to work on Blogger), and all of my pages will be updated soon.

Now, there are eight things (maybe there are more, I dunno) that writers need. They can't even live without them. So, being the kind, tender hearted person I am, I have made it all into a cute little list for you to feast your eyes upon. You're welcome.

5 Things Every Writer Would Die Without:

  • Coffee / Caffeinated Tea
Because, obviously, we need caffeine. How would we survive endless nights of editing and editing and editing and writing? (Notice how many times I said editing?). I mean, I enjoy editing (yeah, go ahead and laugh) but it takes so looooonnnggg. Like hours and hours and hours. GAH.
  • Pinterest
Pinterest is our prompt/character picture/scene inspiration/pretty much anything writerly universe. We use it all the time and the result can sometimes be the dreaded Pinterest-block (yes, 'tis a real thing) where you spend more than three days without touching your Pinterest account. *cue horrified gasps*
  • Notebooks
I'm telling you guys, I would go crazy without notebooks. I have probably filled 100 of them up to the brim in my lifetime with drawings, stories, ideas, notes, everything. And, that reminds me; I need to buy some empty notebooks... :P
  •  Editors
By editors I mean alphas, and betas, and critique partners, and actual editors. Because not matter what who can do all the editing for one whole book by themselves? No one, I tell you. No one.
  • Books
Because this one is so #obvious. Books are things we draw writing energy from (that and food because we all know we NEED food to write). We draw inspiration and encouragement from them too. We also  flail over  their fantastic covers, hoping that ours will someday look as fabulous. 

What are some things that YOU need to write?

Do you like coffee/tea?

PS: If you want, go check out my new and improved...author site! Here's the link: http://authoranikajoy.weebly.com/

Until we meet again,


  1. evidently i'm dead. #nocoffeeforme XDDD

    1. XD *gasp* Am I speaking to Charis' GHOST?? :P Oh, well, I guess you don't NEED coffee to live. :P

  2. I also really hate coffee... unless it's in the form of an ice cream or something cold. I cannot stand the taste of it for the life of me!!! Also I have like fifty notebooks, it's kind of scary. O.O

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I LOVE coffee as ice cream or something frozen. Do you like iced coffee? XD I cannot STAND black coffee. It has to be sweet and creamy for me. ;)
      ME TOO. O.O And when I try to get one from the bottom of the pile...well, I'm a goner. :P


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